Musicians' Association of Metropolitan Baltimore - AFM Local 40-453 - Baltimore, MD
Baltimore, MD
Local 40-543 of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada


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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Local 40-543 of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada. The AFM is the largest organization in the world dedicated to representing the interests of professional musicians. Local 40-543 represents the finest professional musicians in the Baltimore, MD community and surrounding areas.

Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia - Positions Open!
· Principal Cello - Mon., Sep 14, 2015
· Violin II - Tue., Sep 15, 2015
· Violin I - Mon., Sep 21, 2015
Résumés, including current address, phone number and e-mail address, must be received by July 24, 2015 for consideration.

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The Local's Tasks
Perhaps most important of the goals found in the Bylaws of Local 40-543 is the intention to unite the members of the music profession for their protection and to improve working conditions and terms of employment. While some of this work is evident, much more is accomplished behind the scenes. Among the Local's tasks are ...

AFM DiversityThe AFM has been promoting and protecting professional musicians for over 110 years. Local 40-543 has been serving Baltimore, MD and area musicians since 1903 and continues to be an effective advocate for musicians' rights in the workplace (be that a nightclub, a symphony stage, in a recording studio, or on tour). The AFM and Local 4-543 protect the recorded works musicians produce from being exploited, and protect our members' live performances by providing several types of benefit programs that help them to build successful careers.

Members of Local 40-543 of the AFM are secure in knowing that their organization is actively lobbying to promote legislation and public awareness that protects musicians' interests, negotiating collective bargaining agreements with the recording industry, motion picture industry, jingle industry, TV networks, National Public TV and Radio, and providing excellent wages and working conditions for its members.

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